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Additive manufacturing has been reinvented by ARBURG

Additive manufacturing by ARBURGAs an innovative manufacturer of injection moulding machines, ARBURG has brought its experience to bear in the additive manufacturing of plastic parts. The result is a unique system, the freeformer and the patented process ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) process. As with the ALLROUNDERs, the maxim of high-end technology, simple operation and day-to-day usability also applies to the freeformer.
With this technology, ARBURG has reinvented industrial additive manufacturing: Qualified plastic granulate is melted and functional components built up layer by layer from tiny droplets of plastic, without a mould, to produce one off parts or small batches. Unlike in conventional systems, the nozzle remains stationary and the component carrier moves. Materials or colours can be combined through the optional use of two nozzles. The Freeformer is equipped with a movable three-axis part carrier and two stationary discharge units as standard. Where necessary, it can build up structures from a water soluble support material. This makes it possible to achieve unusual or complex part geometries.

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