Ceramic injection moulding (CIM) with ALLROUNDERs

With ARBURG us as your CIM (ceramic injection moulding) partner, you can successfully interlink all your process steps. The production of CIM parts such as porcelain or knives, begins by mixing ceramic powder with a binder, followed by granulation to produce a feedstock suitable for injection moulding. This substance is then processed on a specially equipped ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine using the CIM process. This is followed by debinding of the resulting green compact to form a brown compact, which is then sintered. The sintered CIM parts can be subjected to chemical, physical or mechanical finishing.
ARBURG customers can rely on the extensive consulting, technology and services that we offer and which cover the entire CIM process chain. This is ensured by an inter-departmental team of PIM specialists. ARBURG's in-house powder laboratory performs customer-specific tests and produces sample parts.
Further information about ARBURG in the field of ceramic injection moulding CIM is available here...

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