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Electric ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines

electric Allrounder injection moulding machinesEach ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine of the high performance series ALLDRIVE (A) is characterised by outstanding, modular drive technology: the main axes – “Open mould” and “Close mould”, "Injection" and "Dosing" – are designed with electric drives as standard. Further movements such as "Eject", "Move nozzle” and “Mould functions” can be either electric or hydraulic. This enables the customer to equip his electric injection machine in the clamping force range from 350 to 6,500 kN to suit his individual requirements and use it with great flexibility. This concept allows the advantages of both systems to be combined in a single machine: where it makes most sense for the production task, the electric injection moulding machine delivers maximum electro-mechanical accuracy combined with economical energy consumption and – where necessary – sufficient hydraulic power.
Available in four sizes with clamping forces from 600 to 2.000 kN, the ALLROUNDER GOLDEN ELECTRIC series meets customer demand for high-performance, production-efficient entry-level machines. Due to consistently standardization, they offer high-quality technology at an excellent price/performance ratio.

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