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ARBURG expands the horizons of generative manufacturing

generative manufacturing by ARBURGThe umbrella term “generative” or “additive” manufacturing covers processes such as rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and 3D printing. ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) with the freeformer considerably expands the horizons of this field.
The innovative system offers design freedom, as it allows complex geometries such as undercuts to be achieved without expensive special materials. Without a mould, the freeformer not only produces individual demo samples or prototypes, but also functional one-off parts and small batches in high quality. This means that generative manufacturing is of interest to plastics processors, as well as product designers, prototype manufacturers and rapid manufacturing service providers.
As in conventional generative manufacturing processes, the freeformer first of all converts the 3D CAD data in to slices. The material used here is qualified standard granulate, which is melted in the injection unit of the freeformer. The desired component is then built up layer by layer from tiny plastic droplets.

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