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Versatile ARBURG injection moulding machine

An ARBURG injection moulding machine is characterised by its modularstructure. Various clamping force sizes, injection units and screw diameters are available for one ALLROUNDER machine size and the customer has the possibility to put together an individual, tailor-made injection moulding machine.
As well as the standard applications, ALLROUNDERs can also be used in special areas. With the appropriate equipment package, an ARBURG injection moulding machine can also process multiple components, liquidsilicones (LSR), elastomers and thermosets as well as powder materials.
All ALLROUNDERs operate with the central machine control system, whether it be standard or special applications. Like every ARBURG injection moulding machine, its control system is also modular and can consequently be employed according to the relevant individual requirements. Decisive advantages are the graphic sequence editor, the logical selective operator controls and the option of fully integrating peripherals.
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