Metal injection moulding (MIM) with ALLROUNDERs

ALLROUNDER machines are suitable not only for the injection moulding of plastics, but also for ceramic and metal injection moulding (CIM and MIM). The production of a micro gear wheel on an ALLROUNDER equipped for powder processing, for example, demonstrates that complex components can be achieved with a high level of high precision and reproducibility using metal injection moulding. The dimensions of the moulded part – outer diameter 1.4 mm, inner diameter 525 µm, thickness 0.2 mm – make this application from the MIM sector particularly interesting.
Virtually no other process can match MIM when it comes to manufacturing metal parts with near final contour quality, including those with internal threads, difficult undercuts, gear teeth and free-form surfaces.
Further information about ARBURG in the field of metal injection moulding MIM is available here...

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