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Powder injection moulding PIM with ALLROUNDERs

Powder injection moulding PIMWith the powder injection moulding (PIM) process, parts can be produced cost-effectively in series production with a high degree of precision, from ceramic or metal powder. In addition to the high-tech sector, fields of application for PIM parts include the watch and spectacles industry, the automotive industry, the cutting tools sector, the lock industry, the DIY sector, textile machines, medical equipment as well as porcelain and knife production. The importance of powder injection moulding PIM is increasing further due to the development of new areas of applications.
On the basis of tried and tested ALLROUNDER technology, ARBURG offers specially equipped machines (adapted screw geometries, highly wear-resistant cylinder modules) for powder injection moulding PIM in order to meet the special requirements of this process. Furthermore, the machine technology and all the process steps for powder processing can be comprehensively tested in the excellently equipped ARBURG powder laboratory. ARBURG's PIM experts are available for any questions you may have with regard to powder injection moulding PIM.
Further information about ARBURG in the field of powder injection moulding is available here...


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