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Rapid Prototyping with the freeformer from ARBURG

Rapid Prototyping with ARBURGARBURG has developed an innovative system for additive manufacturing: The ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) process and the freeformer. As with rapid prototyping, 3D CAD data is converted into individual slices and used to produce the desired component without a mould. It is able to manufacture demo samples and prototypes, but also functional components. The freeformer is therefore far more than merely a rapid prototyping system.
Unlike many other systems, it does not use any resins, powders, continuous strands or otherwise prepared materials, which are expensive, complicated to use or require finishing work. The freeformer melts low-cost plastic granulate and produces one-off parts or small batches in high quality layer by layer from tiny plastic droplets. It also enables two different materials or colours to be combined. The Freeformer is equipped with a movable three-axis part carrier and two stationary discharge units as standard. Where necessary, it can build up structures from a water soluble support material. This makes it possible to achieve unusual or complex part geometries.
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