Thermoset processing on ALLROUNDERs

Beyond the field of standard applications, ALLROUNDERs can also be used for thermoset processing.
For this purpose, the material determines the type of processing: thermosets are not only available in a wide range of different types, they also have a wide variety of preparation forms besides granulates, such as rods or in a dough-like form. The technology for thermoset processing must therefore always be tailored to these properties in order to achieve the best processing results.
ARBURG provides the entire spectrum of technology required for the economical injection moulding of thermosets. These features are integrated as standard into the machines in the form of an equipment package. This special range of products is augmented by extensive peripherals that contribute as a whole to smooth parts production.
In addition to the appropriately equipped ALLROUNDERs, ARBURG also provides its customers with sound expertise in all fields of thermoset processing.
Further information about ARBURG in the field of thermoset processing is available here...

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